KOPERASI PEKERJA PEKERJA BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD (KoperasiBank) is a national cooperative for all employees within the Banking & Financial sector in Malaysia. Incepted on 16th June 1983, its core objective is to provide financial assistance to the thousands of employees within the sector.

Unlike other cooperatives within the sector which are mostly in-house, KoperasiBank stands alone as the only cooperative within the sector with National status.

By virtue of its National Credit Cooperative status KoperasiBank's membership is open to all employees within the financial sector in Malaysia. A potential of 150,000 members.

We have a diverse membership that's made up of employees of all ranks from the various financial institutions in the country. Currently we have 32 financial institutions that have granted us Salary Deduction arrangement which is a strong reflection of the confidence the financial institutions have on KoperasiBank.

Like all other registered Cooperatives, KoperasiBank is also regulated by the Government of Malaysia. KoperasiBank comes under the purview of Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) and annually we are required to submit our audited accounts to SKM for their scrutiny. All Board Meeting minutes are also submitted to SKM for their perusal.

The Board of Management of KoperasiBank is made up of 15 members of which 5 are Principal Board members while the rest are ordinary Board members.

Board of Management

The Board of Management in KoperasiBank are:

  • Mr. Edwin Shankar Jagan
  • En. Lizharli Bin Baharuddin
  • En. Zailani Bin Ali
  • Cik Rosyidah Binti Mokhtar
  • En. Mohd Hanifah Bin Md Kasim
  • En. Syaharuddin Bin Hj Danan
  • En. Jamil Bin Yacob
  • En. Saharizan Bin Sulaiman
  • Mr. Ravindran A/L Ganesan
  • Mr. Ravachandran A/L Nadarajah

Front L-R En. Mahdzir, Pn. Yuslinda, Pn. Rosnani, Mr. Prathiba Raj & En. Syamsul Bani

Back L-R Cik Rosyidah, En. Hanifah, En. Syaharuddin, Mr. Ravindran, Mr. Edwin, En. Zailani, Mr. Ravachandran, En. Lizharli, En. Saharizan & En. Jamil

What's New

  • "KOPERASIBANK GIVES BACK" KoperasiBank‚Äôs social initiative was to give back to society.
  • Suruhananjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) had approved the incorporation of three (3) subsidiary companies under subsection 19.1 Akta Koperasi 1993.
  • KoperasiBank had sold Burger King outlet, Desa Sri Hartamas back to Cosmo Restaurant Sdn Bhd.
  • KoperasiBank held its 30th Annual General Meeting at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur City Center, on 3rd of June 2016 at 7 p.m