Your Subscription is your investment.

Every Ringgit that you contribute as subscription is returned to you when you resign from KoperasiBank.

To encourage you to save more, KoperasiBank pays a Savings Incentive on your subscription savings above RM4,000-00 and we continue to pay you the Savings Incentive for every subsequent increase of RM2,000-00.

Not only do we pay you Saving Incentive we also pay a Dividend on your total saving as at 31st December of every year.

On the average KoperasiBank has been declaring 5% dividend annually.

Your money is safe with KoperasiBank and it earns you MORE MONEY.

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What's New

  • "KOPERASIBANK GIVES BACK" KoperasiBank‚Äôs social initiative was to give back to society.
  • Suruhananjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) had approved the incorporation of three (3) subsidiary companies under subsection 19.1 Akta Koperasi 1993.
  • KoperasiBank had sold Burger King outlet, Desa Sri Hartamas back to Cosmo Restaurant Sdn Bhd.
  • KoperasiBank held its 30th Annual General Meeting at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur City Center, on 3rd of June 2016 at 7 p.m